Stand in the Gap

"I searched for a man among them who would repair the wall and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land so that I might not destroy it, but I found no one." - Ezekiel 22:30 HCSB

Our hope is to build relationships with our legislators. We ask for nothing of them. No policy discussions. No agenda. We just want to pray for them and with them. We want to stand in the gap for them and their family.

Join us as we pray for our legislators and stand in the gap for them and their families as they lead our state.

Our Core Principles

1. God desires ALL people to be saved. (2 Peter 3:9) (1 Timothy 2:4)

2. God does not fit neatly into political parties or political theories. He is not a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He is God. Neither is He conservative, liberal, or moderate. He is God (1 Corinthians 1:25). 

3. America is not a covenant nation, like biblical Israel. It is a nation that has often been blessed because of God’s grace and because it followed the Lord, His principles, and His precepts (Psalm 33:12). 

4. Moralism does not equal spiritual transformation (Romans 10:3). (Romans 2). 

5. Only the Gospel has the power to properly transform people, who together transform a nation. 

6. The Church is not a worldly voice. It is an ambassador of a heavenly kingdom. 

7. The power of true cultural renewal lies in the word of God, not in the halls of kings. 

8. Both the Church and the government are institutions created by God. They have unique roles that must remain distinct, but must work together under God (Romans 13) (2 Chronicles 19:11). 

9. The king has been uniquely called by God to administer justice with the aid of the timeless counsel of the Church (2 Kings 12:2) (Romans 13) (2 Samuel 8:15). 

10. As Paul ministered to both the Jew and the Gentile, we will minister to the Republican, Democrat, and Independent in unique ways that never compromise the truths of the eternal Word of God. 

11. Our identity is not in a political party. We stand for God’s Word, and ask others to join us there (Joshua 5:13-14). 

12. We understand that David ruled with justice and righteousness because he walked with the Lord, his God. 

13. We are missionaries who work to build intentional relationships with the ministers of the Lord’s institution of government with a goal to serve all, build up the saints, and win the lost.